Barnado’s Chief Criticises Gay Marriage Opponents

Anne Marie Carrie, the chief executive of children’s charity Barnado‘s, has slammed those who claim that heterosexual relationships are the best environment for children to grow up in.

Carrie, writing for The Huffington Post on Father’s Day, said that she was “incensed” by those who claim children are better growing up in a heterosexual environment and that marriage should be reserved for straight couples only. The Charity chief wrote that good parenting skills were not determined by the sexuality of the parent or even the marital status of couples.

“I have become increasingly incensed by those who hold the opinion that a marriage between a man and woman automatically makes for the optimal situation in which to bring up children and parent….As the chief executive of the UK’s largest children’s charity and having worked with vulnerable children for the last thirty years it is clear to me that it is not the marital status of parents or even their relationship status that distinguishes between good and bad parenting.” – Anne Marie Carrie writing in The Huffington Post

Opponents of gay marriage or children being brought up by gay & lesbian couples often resort to the age old argument regarding heterosexual environments being best for children to grow up in. Those who oppose gay marriage ague it would undermine the institution of marriage itself and the “traditional” family – i.e a mother and father as opposed to parents of the same gender. Carrie wrote that such arguments against gay marriage were misguided good parenting is “about providing emotional security and developing a positive approach to parenting by being a good role model, encouraging good communication, and challenging bad behaviour”

Ms Carrie stated that she was a supporter of same-sex marriage because it will put all relationships and families on equal footing and remove the existing barriers between straight and gay families. “Anything that helps reduce stigma and make families and the children in them feel more accepted can only be a good thing.”

The coalition government’s public consultation on civil gay marriages in England & Wales ended on Thursday of last week. At the start of the week the Church of England launched another attack on the proposals but was quickly criticised by equal rights and human rights campaigns who accused it of “scare-mongering”.

As the public consultation in England and Wales closed in Denmark the country’s new marriage equality laws came into effect allowing gay & lesbian couples to marry. The country indicated it would legalise gay marriage earlier this year; Denmark was the first country to introduce civil partnerships for gay & lesbian couples in 1989.

[Via Pink News]

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