The BBC has been criticised by some for its coverage of Diamond Jubilee events over the weekend but is the criticised levelled at the BBC and presenters such as Fearne Cotton justified?

The majority of the criticism aimed at the BBC for its weekend coverage of the various Diamond Jubilee events mostly centres on the Thames Pageant which took place on Sunday afternoon. The event saw 1000 ships of various sizes travel down the Thames. Thousands of people lined the streets along the river and bridges over the Thames to watch the spectacle – braving the rain to do so. Millions more watched at home.

The BBC’s coverage though was not everyone’s cup of tea with its reliance on celebrity presenters widely bashed with the technical faults experienced during the pageant an annoyance for other viewers. By far and wide the Thames Pageant forms the majority of complaints levelled at the BBC.

However, it has also faced some criticism for its choice of presenters such as Fearne Cotton and in particular one segment on Tuesday which featured the presenter and singer Paloma Faith. The segment featured the two discussing various merchandise produced for the Diamond Jubilee which was off a more tacky nature – such as a sick bag with the face of the Queen on it. Fearne Cotton has, today, hit back at criticisms and those who attacked her on social networking sites such as Twitter; Cotton accused her detractors of being “bullies”.

So is the criticism of the BBC’s coverage – and that of presenters such as Fearne Cotton and others – justified? You can post your comments below.

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