The BBC have announced today what races they will be showing in 2012 as part of their new TV Deal alongside Sky Sports.

Controversially under the new deal, BBC will screen 10 races out of 20 live. The other 10 will have delayed highlights. Sky Sports will show all 20 races live on a new channel called Sky Sports F1.

The Races the BBC have secured include the British, Monaco and Brazilian Grand Prix’s  All races they will not show live will have 90 or 120 mins highlights depending on the Grand Prix.


  • BBC 1 will have Qualifying and Races live in HD for 10 races they have chosen.  Practice will be on the Red Button as well as the post-race forum.


  • On Non-Live race weekends the BBC will have highlights at around 5.30pm for European races for 90 minutes.  There will be 2 hour highlights programmes at Lunchtime for Early morning live races.


  • Radio five Live will cover all the races live as per 2011.

No information has been released on personnel who will be staying or going from the BBC to Sky as yet. It is highly rumoured Martin Brundle will move to Sky with five live colleague David Croft in the commentary box.  There are many Sky Sports members going out to Brazil this weekend doing dry runs for 2012. Newly hired veteran broadcaster Steve Rider will be filming the first of a series of Formula 1 documentaries for Sky this weekend in Sao Paulo.

BBC LIVE Races in 2012:

  • 15 April: China
  • 13 May: Spain
  • 27 May: Monaco
  • 24 June: Europe
  • 8 July: Britain
  • 2 September: Belgium
  • 23 September: Singapore
  • 14 October: Korea
  • 4 November: Abu Dhabi
  • 25 November: Brazil

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