Well paid Jonathan RossThe highest paid BBC “stars” will have cuts in their salary when their contracts come up for renewal the BBC has confirmed as the corporation tries to cut costs.

Stars such as Jeremy Clarkson, Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross will face pay-cuts when their contracts come up for renewal as part of the BBC’s drive to cut costs at the corporation. High level management at the corporation have already been told that next year they will face pay-cuts as the BBC cuts costs. The BBC’s policy of paying big money to secure the likes of Ross and Clarkson has widely been criticised and the announcement that these stars will no longer be paid so much will be welcomed by some.

The move was confirmed by the BBC and comes after Mark Thompson, the director general, signalled the end of big-money for high-profile stars at the corporation following the “sachs-gate” scandal of late last year. Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, both well paid by the BBC, were engulfed in a media storm surrounding their prank phone-calls to actor Andrew Sachs. The media were widely critical of the amount paid by both stars by the BBC and Ross has often been the subject of criticism in regards to his BBC salary.

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