This week, the public have been voting to evict Katia, Heidi and Sov. In this first double eviction week of Celebrity Big Brother, host Davina McCall announced on Channel 4 that the person with the most votes, who would therefore leave the Big Brother house first, was Katia.

Katia is the first person to be publicly evicted from the Big Brother10 House and received 44% of the public vote.

Katia has been in the Big Brother house for thirteen days since the doors opened on Sunday 3rd January. Katia is the youngest housemate and famous for having had a relationship with Rolling Stone legend Ronnie Wood. When asked why she was in the house she explained “I was just in a public relationship”. But it seems Katia chose the Big Brother house to start another public relationship – with fellow housemate Jonas AKA Basshunter.



Katia impressed Jonas with her farting he described her as his soulmate. Vinnie was less kind “I think it takes her all her effort to put one foot in front of the other. She can’t think of anything else.” Katia and Jonas bonded in the smoking area and their flirtation soon resulted in them sharing cuddles in the same bed for three consecutive nights and being the hot topic of the housemates.



Sov asked “Are you blushing or did you put too much on?” although when quizzed Katia insisted they were just ‘bored in here and it was harmless fun’ and ‘innocent flirting’. It began to appear to viewers that the relationship might have been a little one-sided before Katia called time on it last Monday. Although in the past two days they have become increasingly close again. She was described by Stephanie Beacham “as a beautiful orchid with no roots of her own”. Katia is the first housemate to leave this last Channel Four series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Heidi is the 2nd Celebrity Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house with 28.6 % of the public vote.

Heidi is famous for her career and downfall as a Hollywood madam. She admits she used to make millions of dollars a year out of prostitution. While in the Big Brother house, Heidi commented, “I love being around young, good looking girls. All I do fantasise how much money I could make”. She was also honest about her time in prison and passionate about her commitment to her love for exotic birds. She admitted to having to be her “sharpest in prison, as she was terrified”.



Yet, after just 7 days in the house Heidi was threatening to walk stating “I can’t do it anymore”. After a tiny bit of consideration Heidi made the decision to stay on. The rest of the housemates called her “lazy” but straight talking. Heidi suffered no fools whilst in the house, not a massive fan of Stephen she called him a “bible thumping freak” refusing to join him when he read aloud from the bible claiming that they were sending her to sleep. She described Vinnie was the “Greatest man alive – he’s hot, he’s sexy – he’s awesome.” Heidi leaves the Big Brother house as the second celebrity housemate to be evicted.



Vinnie Jones was the only participant not to be put up for nomination.


First Published 10.57pm Friday 15 January in ATV Insiders Area Only, public access 10.53am Saturday 16 January.

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