On this Day: March 31st 1977:

Jubilee scarves were being knitted by 84-year-old Richard Gordon.

As Queen Elizabeth embarked on her Silver Jubilee celebrations across the UK in ’77 at his home in Bestwood Park, Nottingham, Richard was kicking away with his needles to celebrate the Silver Jubilee with a range of colorful knitwear.

On this Day: March 28th 1980 :

ATV Today visited a Corby and a community supermarket set up to help families suffering from the effects of the steel strike.

John Mitchell reports from the supermarket, which has been set up by steel union members in a local church hall, selling food products to the many families suffering from the effects of the steel strike, then in its 12th week.

On this Day: March 21st 1959:

ATV News presenter Patricia Cox was married to ATV floor manager John De Coverley-Wilkins.

Wedding guests seen arriving include Reg Watson, Noele Gordon, Pat Astley and Jenny Martin.

Founding ATV Newscaster Pat Cox was the first in-vision regional newsreader in the UK, she left the company to go freelance in the mid-1960s. As well as presenting and reporting for ATV News and Midland Montage Pat also worked as a continuity announcer in the fledgling days of ATV Midlands.

She had previously worked as a fashion model and as an announcer at the BBC. In 1965 she joined the Bertram Agency as a talent scout.

Patricia died on the 28th March 2007 aged 77. She had for many years has suffered ill health, notably Multiple Sclerosis. At her death, she left behind husband John, daughter Joanna, (mother-in-law to Guy) and was gran to Ella. Her funeral took place at Macclesfield Crematorium. Former floor manager John passed away on 10th April 2013, aged 81.

On this Day: March 20th 1963:

ATV personality Noele Gordon was seen shopping in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham. The Lunchbox presenter was choosing jewellery to wear at a Diamond Ball.

Noele was one of the biggest personalities on ATV Midlands, also appearing on ATV London hosting programmes such as ITV’s first chat show Tea with Noele Gordon, angling show A New Angle on Noele Gordon and one-to-one personality life story series Midland Profile.

On this Day: March 19th 1970:

HRH Princess Alexandra officially opened the ATV Centre in Birmingham. It had been operational for several months prior.

This ATV Today report is one of several from that day with this item showing Princess Alexandra arriving at Elmdon Airport. The royal steps off the plane and is met by gathered dignitaries. A crowd of children cheers as the princess leaves the airport by car.

There are shots of the royal party traveling through Birmingham centre and then finally arriving at ATV Centre.

Inside Princess Alexandra is seen chatting to members of staff.

On this Day: March 18th 1964:

ATV News reported on the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive’s visit to the Midlands.

The report shows the famous train engine operating between Derby and Gloucester. Crowds of spectators including young boy train spotters are seen on the platforms, while the camera takes a look at various parts of the Flying Scotsman as it stands in the station.

On this Day: March 17th 1981:

Wendy Nelson interviews 22 year old Elizabeth Shields from Sutton Coldfield who now helps at a nursery for children with disabilities – the Sutton Coldfield Handicapped Children’s Association.

The report also features 34 year old David Carthy from Bromsgrove who has a full-time job, a wife and a young daughter. We see Elizabeth playing with children at the nursery and David at home with his family.

On this Day: March 16th 1979:

Terry Lloyd visited the Trip to Jerusalem pub in Nottingham, inviting the regulars to sample wine and comment as to whether they prefer wine or real ale following research that wine was becoming a much more popular tipple.

Terry reports that the number of wine drinkers in the UK has risen by 85 percent in ten years. Inside the pub, he invites drinkers to taste wine and asks if they prefer it and would they ever change their beer-drinking habit.

On This Day: March 14th 1963:

ITA – the television regulator – saw some of their directors together with ATV and ABC executives visit the Midlands ITV services. This ATV Midlands News feature includes a press conference at the Albany Hotel in Birmingham and then visits to the Lichfield transmitter and Alpha Television studio at Aston.

The report includes an interview with Sir John Carmichael, Acting Chairman of the ITA about his organisations responsibilities and the future of independent television.

There is also an extensive look around the Alpha television studio in Birmingham – a joint ABC and ATV production facility that was used from February 1956 through to September 1969.

On this Day: March 13th 1957:

ATV Midlands News took a look at the sewerage conditions at Chaddesley Corbett in Worcestershire.

The vintage feature shows a road sign for Chaddesley Corbett and shots of the village. We also see an exterior shot of the local Youth Hostel and a close-up of drains in the street.

It doesn’t look ghastly, but maybe it was a smell…

On this Day: March 12th 1974:

ATV Today report on the progress of Mrs. Shirley Turner from Nottingham who had her teeth clamped together in an effort to diet.

Reg Harcourt interviews Shirley who describes how the hospital clamped her teeth, Reg then chats with Shirley’s husband about the reaction from family and friends towards the ‘diet’ and the questions he’s received about his own weight.

Shirley was attempting a liquid diet.

On this Day: March 11th 1975:

Peter Green reported about Malvern water including the bottling plant at Colwall on the Herefordshire and Worcestershire border.

Peter interviews John Winsor about the history of the Malvern spring and the claim that the water doesn’t contain any minerals. Green next talks to Mr Gladwin, the Chief Chemist of Schweppes who bottle and sell the water.

The item then shows water being bottled at the Schweppes factory at Colwall. Finally, Green samples bottled water inside the British Camp pub in Malvern.

On This Day: March 9th 1972:

ATV Today sent Derek Hobson over to the Crossroads studio where Noele Gordon was thrilled at being bestowed yet another television gong.

This time Nolly had won the ITV Personality of the Year award for her role in Crossroads as Meg Richardson. She first appeared as Meg in episode one back in 1964. She, over the years, picked up over ten TV Times awards and several newspaper gongs.

On This Day: March 8th 1957:

ATV Midlands News reported on the inauguration of work on the new Inner Ring Road at Smallbrook Street in Birmingham.

The reports shows a train arriving at Snow Hill station and then officials including Harold Watkinson (Minister of Transport) gathering on the platform and are next seen arriving at Smallbrook Street. After speeches, an explosion charge demolishes a wall that signals the start of construction.

The news item then shows the official cars leaving and construction work beginning.

On This Day: March 6th 1978:

ATV Today headed to Coseley Swimming Baths where there had been reports of paranormal activity. Bob Warman pulled on his speedos and popped down to the swimming baths to see if he would experience some ghostly happenings.

Bob Interviews the manager of the baths about their ghost ‘Old Sid’ and recalls strange events that have occurred at the leisure site.

The baths, opened in 1962, were neglected of funding for several years and demolished in 2010 for housing. Where ‘Old Sid’ has gone, no one knows.

On This Day: March 5th 2001:

The Crossroads Motel swung open its doors for a millennium reboot. The motel had been transformed into a lavish hotel with a mix of cast from the ATV days and a host of new faces. It promised to be the ‘must see’ serial of ITV Daytime.

A primetime screening saw 9 million viewers tune in, however, ratings for the daytime screenings were not as ITV hoped and it left screens in August 2002, to be revived once more in January 2003 with an even poorer received version that lasted only 98 episodes.

Here Central News report live from the foyer of the Crossroads Hotel on its big night twenty years ago.

On This Day: March 4th 1981:

The funeral of actor Roger Tonge, who played Sandy Richardson in Crossroads, took place at Harborne. Past and present members of the cast including Susan Hanson, Paul Henry, Ann George, Sue Nicholls, and Jack Haig along with hundreds of fans gathered to pay their respects.

Crowds gathered outside St Faith and St Laurence Church at Harborne. Members of

the cast arriving. Roger’s Parents Percy and Lillian were accompanied by actress Sonia Fox who had been a long-term companion of Roger.

Roger had been diagnosed with Hodgkins, a form of cancer, in 1975. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Rossington, the real-life brother of Jane Rossington who played Roger’s on-screen sister Jill in Crossroads.

A private service followed at Lodge Hill Crematorium.

On This Day: March 2nd 1984:

It was a big day for Central Television as their Nottingham ‘super studios’ were opened by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Over two reports the royal is seen signing the visitor’s book then unveiling a plaque in the foyer, making a reference to Spitting Image.

He then goes on a tour of the studios where he saw a rehearsal for the Price is Right with Leslie Crowther and director William G. Stewart. On the set of Central News, he met presenters Andy Craig and Anita Findley and he also met Bob Warman and John Caine on the Newshound set.

The Duke had previously visited ATV Centre in Birmingham in 1970 to see how Crossroads was produced.