bbcBen Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, has stated that there is “good reason” for a debate over the future of the licence fee. 

bbcThe Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw has said in an interview with Sky News there is “good reason” for a debate over the future of the licence fee and how big the BBC should be. Bradshaw told Sky News there were “questions” over whether the licence fee was the “best funding mechanism” for the corporation.


“I think there is a good reason to have a debate in the run-up to the next licence fee, which we shall have if we are in government, as to how big the BBC should be, how big the licence fee should be, even if we should continue to have a licence fee in the long-term as the best funding mechanism.” – Ben Bradshaw on Sky News


Bradshaw’s comments come after a days of speculation over the future of several areas of the BBC such as the Asian Network, 6 Music, its website and some of its commercial magazines such as Radio Times, Top Gear and Good Food. An article in The Times newspaper on Friday stated the corporation was planning to cut back on services and axe jobs to appease a future Tory government who would want to see cut backs at the corporation. The BBC has yet to confirm the proposals but campaigns to save 6 Music and the BBC Asian Network are already underway with a Facebook group set up to protest against the possible closure of 6 Music having over 70,000 members within just a few days.

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