Carphones For Factor

X Facts: If you care – we know we don’t – The Carphone Warehouse is sponsoring the upcoming series of The X-Factor.


Spooky: The Digital Spy forum members are far from ‘happy’ with Spooks Code 9 – although their standards are debatable. Most of them think Tiffany Mitchell was an all-time ‘classic’ soap character – so we can safely ignore their opinions.

New ITV (again): Eight months after the last schedule re-launch ITV are planning another one.

Peter Fincham promises “an exciting lineup of talent, the most anticipated football fixtures, thought-provoking factual programming in addition to ITV1’s proven mix of big event entertainment and new, original quality drama”.

Sorry have we missed this quality and original drama? A proven mix? What proven mix? Harley Street is hardly quality or original and all the new drama’s this year have been rating flops!

And as for thought provoking factual programmes…like what? I can’t think of one thought provoking ITV factual programme. And wow – more bloody Football.

Aren’t ITV really treating us. As my teacher used to write on some of the thickos in the class “must do better.”

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