BBC One’s Casualty is to move production from Bristol to Cardiff, the corporation has confirmed. The possibility of such a move was raised several months ago, prompting a campaign in Bristol to get the drama in the city, but now the BBC has decided to move the series to the Welsh capital. Contains BBC Press Release.

The BBC has today confirmed that Casualty will be moving from Bristol to the Cardiff area.

We have previously said that, as part of the Network Supply Strategy, moving Casualty will play a significant part in fulfilling our commitment to building a creatively sustainable centre of excellence for drama in Wales and, more broadly, it will accelerate the development of the creative sector there.

Casualty will now enjoy significant benefits in joining the wider drama production community including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Pobol Y Cwm and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

A decision about the new location for Casualty is dependent on further value-for-money evaluations, ensuring maximum benefit for licence payers. The decision will be announced later in the year.

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