One Shot Shows

The recent axing of Eastwick by ABC after just a handful of episodes certainly isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time a show has been cancelled after just one season. We take a look back at some other shows that haven’t managed to make it past the first season for various reasons. Some of our shows should have returned and some are best confined to the archives.

Flashback: Weavers Green

To mark 50 years of Anglia Television we take a brief look back at the ITV’s franchise only foray into the world of soap. Rural soap Weavers Green launched in 1966 and while it didn’t last for long it clocked up a few soap firsts and was seen by many as an early predecessor to Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale.   To some, especially those at Anglia Television Weavers Green was the

Legacy of Upstairs, Downstairs

We take a look at the string of shows that Upstairs, Downstairs inspired or those that tried to capture the same success as the LWT drama.     The Cedar Tree   Created by Alfred Shaughnessy who was the script editor, and also episode writer, on Upstairs, Downstairs. Following the series finale of the drama in 1975 Shaughnessy developed The Cedar Tree for another ITV franchise, ATV. The Cedar Tree

“Oh Ruby!” – Upstairs, Downstairs remembered

The BBC are bringing back the legendary LWT drama series Upstairs, Downstairs [see news story further down] for two new feature length episodes next year and original series star Jean Marsh will reprise her role of Rose, the house parlour-maid. To celebrate this most welcome news we take a brief look at some of the most memorable characters from the series and also at the actors behind them. The BBC

Flashback: Z Cars

  Following the death of television and film writer Troy Kennedy Martin Flashback takes a look at his iconic BBC police drama series Z Cars.     Z-Cars, sometimes written as Z Cars, is perhaps the most iconic of BBC police drama series’ and certainly the most successful. The drama ran for 16 years and spawned spin-off series Softly, Softly which itself spawned several sequel series’. Z Cars was created

End of the World TV

  Later this year Survivors will return to BBC One for its second series while next year NBC will air its new series Day One and fans of Jericho are holding out for a television movie to tie up all the loose ends from the series. What do all three shows have in common? They deal with the ‘end of the world’ and follow a small group of survivors in

Forgotten Drama’s

  As our “forgotten” season continues we take a look at some several drama’s, from across the decades, that for one reason or another have fallen out of public memory. While shows like Upstairs, Downstairs and Tenko are still fondly remembered today, and repeated regularly, these dramas have mostly been left in the archives. How many of these do you remember?   As our “forgotten” season continues we take a

Forgotten: Foreign Soaps

  As our “forgotten” season continues we take a look at some less successful attempts at launching oversees soaps here in the UK. While Neighbours and Home and Away may have found a place in British hearts these other soaps just weren’t as successful. How many of these do you remember?     Chateauvallon 1985, Channel Four   In the 1980s there was no Hollyoaks on Channel Four it just

Forgotten Sci Fi’s

As our “forgotten” season continues we take a look at some Sci Fi programmes from down the years that just aren’t remembered anymore. These shows were never a successful as Doctor Who or Star Trek but in some cases that doesn’t mean they weren’t as good, although one or two of these just should never have happened. Take a trip down memory lane and see how many of these you

Forgotten Regional Soaps

All this week we’ll be uploading a range of features looking at Forgotten programmes of television from a range of genre’s such as soaps, dramas and Sci Fi’s. We kick off our “forgotten season” by taking a look at some regional soap’s that have long been forgotten.