Flashback Galactica: 1980

  As the reimaged series of Battlestar Galactica reaches its big finale we take a look back at the 1980 sequel to the original series of Battlestar Galactica. Designed to tell the story of the “rag tag fleet” once it reaches Earth the series just didn’t command the same audiences its parent show once had and the axe quickly fell on Galactica: 1980.   The great ship Galactica, our home

Rumpole of the Bailey

  Following the death of television writer and lawyer John Mortimer Flashback takes a look at his most famous television series, Rumpole of the Bailey.   In the late 1960s John Mortimer wrote a play for BBC’s “Wednesday Play” strand called “Infidelity Took Place”, a satirical comment on the new divorces laws that had been introduced to the country at the time. The play was about a happily married couple

Flashback: The Prisoner

  Following the news of Patrick McGoohan’s death we take a look back at his classic 1960s surreal thriller series, The Prisoner.   The Prisoner is one of several 1960s television serials that is still remembered today and has influenced a raft of programmes that has followed. The Prisoner is one of the most iconic, and baffling, drama’s of its time and its little surprise it’s been the subject of

Flashback: Sapphire and Steel

  Its thirty years since ATV’s spooky Sci Fi series Sapphire and Steel made its debut and the show is just as popular now as it was back in 1978 thanks to its spooky plots, tense episode, brilliant acting and excellent scripts. Flashback takes a look at the fondly remembered ATV series.   “All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be

Flashback: Battlestar Galactica

  Thirty years ago a new Science Fiction series blasted onto television in the wake of Star Wars. The new series depicted the fall of humanity and its flight across the galaxy, pursued by the robotic cylons, as they search for a mythical planet, Earth.   “There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the

Flashback: The Champions

  With the news that American company United Artists are considering a film remake of the 1960s series The Champions we take a look at the original series.         The Champions was created by writer Dennis Spooner and was developed from an un-filmed script Spooner had written for another 60s serial, Danger Man. The Champions was produced by Lew Grade’s ITC Entertainment production company, the company responsible

Flashback: Survivors

  The classic 1970s series about a group of survivors trying to rebuild their world after a devastating plague gets a modern reimaging next week as the BBC launches its 21st century of the Terry Nation series. In this feature we take a look back at the original series.     In the 1970s Terry Nation returned to the UK following a stint in America where he had unsuccessfully tried

Flashback: Howard’s Way

  We take a look back at the first season [1985] of Howard’s Way, dubbed the BBC’s answer to the 1980 super-soaps of Dallas and Dynasty.     You can tell it’s the 1980s. Two things give away the decade. The big hair, most of the female characters sport big hair, and the fashion. It’s awful. No doubt the costumes were considered highly fashionable and classy at the time but

Yorkshire Television at Forty: Rising Damp

  As part of our features on the 40th anniversary of the ITV franchises; HTV, LWT, Yorkshire and Thames, Flashback takes a look at the Yorkshire comedy series, Rising Damp. Fondly remembered today, this series ran for four years in the mid 70’s and is still shown across the world today.   Rising Damp: 1974 to 1978 + a cinema movie Broadcaster: ITV [though repeats have been aired on different