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The Sarah Jane Adventures [Week 51]

  It’s the second season finale for The Sarah Jane Adventures and Sarah and friends face not one but two enemies but a face from Sarah’s past is on hand to lend her support. But will it be even to defeat two enemies and will everyone get out alive?     Enemy of the Bane BBC One, Monday 15th December. 4.39pm Sarah Jane and the gang, meanwhile, find themselves in

Survivors [Week 51]

  It’s a whole new world and it’s full of dangers for the group of plague survivors as the BBC’s reimaged series reaches its penultimate episode.       Episode Five: BBC One, Tuesday 16th December. 9pm. Charming and eloquent, John is a preacher with a unique perspective on the new world, but the family’s opinion of him is split. Some find comfort in his message, while others are deeply

Apparitions [Week 51]

  It’s the final episode of the BBC’s dark new drama series starring Martin Shaw as a preist.       Episode Six: BBC One, Thursday 18th December. 9pm Jacob is unable to complete Mass after performing the reverse exorcism to release Michael’s demon from hell, as the supernatural drama concludes. A concerned Cardinal Bukovak calls in a psychologist to assess Jacob. However, during the session, Jacob sustains a serious

USA Cult Previews Week 51

  Find out what happens in this week’s episodes of Heroes, Prison Break and Sanctuary.           Sanctuary [Week 51] Episode Ten: ITV4, Monday 15th December. 9pm   Will (Robin Dunne) receives a call from the wife of a college friend who needs his help finding her missing husband, Danny (Byron Lawson). Enlisting Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), Will and the team follow a lead

Merlin [Week 50]

  The penultimate episode of BBC One’s new drama fantasy series Merlin, find out what’s in store for Camelot and Merlin in this gripping episode.             Merlin Episode Twelve, BBC One, Saturday 6th December. 7.25pm.  Against his better judgement, Gwen’s father, Tom, agrees to help a renegade sorcerer, Tauren, turn lead into gold using a magical stone. Halfway through the act, a voice rings out –

The Sarah Jane Adventures [Week 50]

  The penultimate episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures as an old enemy returns to confront Sarah Jane and her friends.       Enemy Of The Bane. BBC One, Monday 8th December. 4.39pmPart One: Rani’s mother, Gita vanishes, and Sarah Jane encounters an unwelcome face from the past – Mrs Wormwood – as the children’s drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues. Now hunted by the Bane, Mrs

Survivors [Week 50]

The tale of the plague Survivors continues in the latest episode of the reimaged BBC drama series.       Episode Four: BBC One, Tuesday 9th December. 9pm  Abby learns of a group of young boys living at a nearby mansion called Waterhouse, as Adrian Hodges’s re-imagining of the classic Seventies BBC drama series, based on the novel by Terry Nation, continues. She is determined to see if Peter is

Apparitions [Week 50]

  Find out what happens in the penultimate episode of the new spooky and dark BBC drama starring Martin Shaw as a priest.   Episode Five. BBC One, Thursday 11th December. 9pm Jacob is sceptical when a young Muslim, Zaid, claims he has been seeing visions of the Virgin Mary, as the supernatural drama continues. When the boy admits he has been shown images of his dead father suffering in Hell,

USA Cult Previews Week 50

  Find out what happens in this week’s episodes of Heroes and Sanctuary.           Sanctuary [Week 50] Episode Nine: ITV4, Monday 8th December. 9pm   Responding to a distress call from a peaceful abnormal species deep below the Bermuda Triangle, Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Will (Robin Dunne) set out on a short underwater mission to investigate. While sending out specialized sonar signals to elicit a response

Cult News Wrap

  Some of the smaller news stories in the world of Cult and Sci Fi.   TV Guide reports that Soprano’s actress Ari Graynor will appear in three episodes, or possible more, of Fox SF series Fringe. The actress will play the youngster sister Olivia Dunham [Anna Troy]. Graynor will make her first appearance in the series in January. American broadcaster CBS has ordered five more episodes of its new