Coltrane for Murderland

ITV commission a new drama, Murderland that will tell a story from three points-of-view. The new drama will star Robbie Coltrane. Contains ITV Press Release. One murder told from three perspectives Written by acclaimed writer David Pirie (Murder Rooms, Woman in White), and produced by Touchpaper Scotland, part of the RDF Media Group, Murderland is an emotional and passionate thriller that tells a traumatic murder story through the eyes of

Who Character Return Confirmed

The return of a character to Doctor Who has been confirmed by the show’s Executive Producer Russell T. Davies. Contains spoilers so DO NOT read on if you don’t want to know them! The return of actor Bernard Cribbins to Doctor Who as his character of Wilf Mott has been confirmed by the show’s Executive Producer Russell T. Davies. The producer and lead writer confirmed Wilf’s return on the BBC

Viewers to choose Two Pints Season Ending

Viewers of BBC Three’s popular and long running, sitcom Two Pints of Larger And A Packet Of Crisps will get to decide the ending for the show’s eighth season. Contains the BBC Press Release. BBC Three sitcom Two Pints of Larger And A Packet Of Crisps will once again push back the boundaries as it’ll allow viewers to decide how season eight of the comedy should end. The series of

Terminator Spin-off likely to be axed

Terminator spin-off series The Sarah Connor Chronicles is likely to be axed by Fox after disappointing ratings for both of its seasons. The end could be very much night for the Terminator television spin-off series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Rumour has it that Fox is set to axe the series following the conclusion of its second season due to disappointing ratings. The axe was expected to fall on the series

More Radio Four drama’s for Torchwood

Several news sites are reporting that there could be up to three new Torchwood episodes broadcast on Radio Four over the summer. The episodes would follow on from the five-part miniseries Children of Earth which is due to air on BBC One soon. It seems that following the broadcast of the Torchwood mini-series Children of Earth on BBC One we’ll be getting some more action from the Torchwood team but

Sky One to Show Universe

Sky One has snapped up the UK rights to the forthcoming new Stargate spin-off, Universe. Sky One will show Stargate Universe, the latest spin-off in the Stargate franchise. The broadcaster has snapped up the UK rights to air the new series which stars, amongst others, Robert Carlyle. The deal is hardly surprising as Sky One has shown, in the UK, previous Stargate shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

BBC announce Emma casting

The BBC has announced who’ll be in its forthcoming adaptation of the classic Jane Austin novel, Emma. Amongst the high profile cast are Jonny Lee Miller, Tasmin Greig and Michael Gambon. Contains the BBC Press Release. The cast of BBC One’s forthcoming adaptation of Emma, the classic novel by Jane Austin, has been announced and once more a high-profile cast will be a fixture of period drama. Amongst the high-profile

New low for Dick and Judy

Richard and Judy’s chat-show on digital channel Watch hits a new all time low as book sales for their book club also drop. Ratings for husband and wife presenting team Richard and Judy have plummeted to a new-low. The pair left Channel Four to switch to digital channel Watch to front a new chat-show but they have been dogged by low ratings ever since. The chat-show has simply failed to

Shooting Stars Returns to BBC Two

Cult panel show Shooting Stars has been recommissioned for BBC Two, 15 years after it first burst onto our screens. Hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, the show that introduced viewers to the Dove From Above, UVAVU and George Dawes, will be back for a full series following a one-off special last Christmas. Once again, Matt Lucas, the man with the scores, will be returning as big baby George

ER ends on a high

Popular and long running medical drama ER finished on a high in America when it pulled in the viewers for its two-hour finale. Long-running and popular medical drama ER drew to a close after fifteen years on air. The two-hour finale of the NBC series rated very well for the Network with an impressive 16.3 million viewers having tuned in. The figure is even higher than an episode several weeks