Trinny and Susannah to meet their match

  ITV’s style guru’s Trinny and Susannah are to return to the commercial broadcaster next year with a brand new series following disappointing ratings for their other ITV vehicle, Trinny and Susannah Undress…     The two stylists were originally presenters of BBC’s What Not To Wear before being poached by ITV however, the two seasons of Undress didn’t impress in the ratings and so the pair are now returning

Who tops iPlayer

  The fourth season of BBC One’s revived Doctor Who was the most popular programme on iPlayer, the BBC’s playback service.   The fourth season of Doctor Who was the most watched programme on BBC’s iPlayer over the past year. It wasn’t just online that Doctor Who proved to be a hit for the BBC with ratings for the series also proving to be big. The Christmas Special, Voyage of

Gossip Girl spin-off details revealed

  Details for a proposed spin-off from teen drama series Gossip Girl have been revealed.     According to Star magazine the proposed spin-off from US teen-drama series Gossip Girl will feature on teenage romance between Lilly Van Der Woodson [Kelly Rutherford] and Rufus Humphries [Matthew Settle]. The spin-off will chart the teenage romance between the two and how it fell apart due to Lilly’s interfering mother, as revealed during

Merlin [Week 51]

  Find out what happens in the season finale of BBC One’s fantasy drama series, Merlin.   Episode Thirteen: BBC One, Saturday 13th December. 7.10pm. Whilst out on a hunting trip, Arthur and his men encounter a huge and terrifying monster that has the body of a lion and the head of a serpent, with a huge pair of dripping fangs.   Gaius explains that what they encountered was a

The Sarah Jane Adventures [Week 51]

  It’s the second season finale for The Sarah Jane Adventures and Sarah and friends face not one but two enemies but a face from Sarah’s past is on hand to lend her support. But will it be even to defeat two enemies and will everyone get out alive?     Enemy of the Bane BBC One, Monday 15th December. 4.39pm Sarah Jane and the gang, meanwhile, find themselves in

Survivors [Week 51]

  It’s a whole new world and it’s full of dangers for the group of plague survivors as the BBC’s reimaged series reaches its penultimate episode.       Episode Five: BBC One, Tuesday 16th December. 9pm. Charming and eloquent, John is a preacher with a unique perspective on the new world, but the family’s opinion of him is split. Some find comfort in his message, while others are deeply

Apparitions [Week 51]

  It’s the final episode of the BBC’s dark new drama series starring Martin Shaw as a preist.       Episode Six: BBC One, Thursday 18th December. 9pm Jacob is unable to complete Mass after performing the reverse exorcism to release Michael’s demon from hell, as the supernatural drama concludes. A concerned Cardinal Bukovak calls in a psychologist to assess Jacob. However, during the session, Jacob sustains a serious

USA Cult Previews Week 51

  Find out what happens in this week’s episodes of Heroes, Prison Break and Sanctuary.           Sanctuary [Week 51] Episode Ten: ITV4, Monday 15th December. 9pm   Will (Robin Dunne) receives a call from the wife of a college friend who needs his help finding her missing husband, Danny (Byron Lawson). Enlisting Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), Will and the team follow a lead

Coming Out series for Showtime

  American broadcaster Showtime is developing a factual series that will follow individuals as they come out to their friends and family.     Showtime is developing a new factual series that will follow the lives of people as they reveal their sexuality to their friends and family. The series hasn’t formally been commissioned yet with the broadcast merely ordering a pilot presentation but if it was to go to

Sex show sparks complaints

  A morning educational series targeted at teens has sparked complaints after covering sex related issues.     Up to 100 people have complained to Channel Four following its daytime educational show KNTV covered sex related issues. KNTV, made by Tern Television, is targeted at 14 to 16 year olds and has covered topics such as contraception, STD’s, bisexuality and coming out but this has led to the wrath of