New Hunter drama for BBC One

  BBC One has commissioned a new drama that will star Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer. The drama will air early next year. Contains the BBC Press Release.       Hugh Bonneville (Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story, Bonekickers) and Janet McTeer (Sense And Sensibility, Five Days) star as detective team Barclay and Foster in a gripping new two-part drama from BBC Drama Production, Hunter, to be shown on BBC

Britannia Low

  The launch of ITV’s high-profile teen series, Britannia High, was something of a ratings disaster for the channel last night as it was comprehensively beaten by an antique..well the Antiques Roadshow.   ITV’s high-profile new drama series, Britannia High, didn’t get off to the start ITV were hoping for. The drama series, dubbed the modern-day Fame, failed to make a massive impact on the ratings despite a blaze of

Gossip Boi: Keeping it in the Family

Another highlight from ATV Today past with issue seventeen of Gossip Boi. First published on October 23rd 2008 the second run of Gossip Boi continues with the secret feature writer looks at ‘Keeping It In The Family‘.

Dawson for One Hill

James Van Der Beek, best known to UK audiences for his role in Dawson’s Creek, is to guest star in One Tree Hill.   Actor James Van Der Beek will guest star in teen drama series One Tree Hill. The actor is best known, to a generation of viewers, for his title role in the drama series Dawson’s Creek. The series was shown on Channel Four in the UK and

In Profile: Roly Keating

  As Roly Keating’s successor, as controller of BBC Two, is announced we take a look back at Keating’s time, and success, as head of BBC Two.   Like Keating’s successor, Janice Hadlow, he became controller of BBC Two following his position as BBC Four controller. Keating was made controller of BBC Four in 2002 and oversaw the launch of the digital channel and under his leadership the channel premiered


Ofcon; As predicted Labour won’t get involved with the issues over regional ITV. Let’s face it, who thought they would? After all, Labour and Ofcom are virtually lovers, with ITV as the mistress. All equally pathetic, lets remember when the General Election comes the words of Ofcom that Labour endorse: You the viewers matter not one jot. And seen as they treat us with contempt we should equally treat them