Flashback Special: Due for a return

  So Blakes 7 is to be revived and repacked and let’s hope it’s a more successful attempt than Bionic Woman which has been axed stateside – just no one will admit as much. Battlestar Galactica is one prime example of a successful re-imaging while Doctor Who is a good example of a successful revival and with Knight Ryder and the Survivors also returning soon – it looks like now

Gossip Boi: Parties

Another highlight from the series entitled Gossip Boy – later re-branded as Gossip Boi on ATV Today. This, the final instalment from the first run, was published on the site on November 11th 2007. Entitled ‘Parties‘ it was issue eleven. We have kept highlights from across the three Gossip Boi series on ATV Today for reference and, hopefully, your enjoyment.