Gossip Boi: Trick or Treat

We rewind to November 5th 2008 as the second series of Gossip Boi runs on ATV Today. This edition, the eighteenth, has been left online as a highlight of some of our early specially commissioned features. Entitled ‘Trick or Treat’ our anon reporter looks to Halloween.

Word on the Web: Manuelgate

As the saga drags on and on, thanks to the relentless gutter press, we take a step back and ask for your opinions on the scandal the papers have dubbed ‘Manuelgate’.   Unsurprisingly the Sunday papers have dragged on the story needlessly longer than necessary. The suspension of Jonathan Ross and Lesley Douglas and Russell Brand quitting should have put an end to the case but the Sunday papers are

Classic Whodunits

  EastEnders is about to offer us up the latest Whodunit as someone in Albert Square is about to go to extreme lengths in the BBC soap. To celebrate this latest dramatic event we look to previous Whodunits in the world of soap and drama. So let’s cast our eye back on some classic plots.     Hollyoaks [2007] – Who Pushed Claire   The most recent example of a

Gossip Boi: Anon

An original feature for ATV Today from 2008 this is Edition Sixteen of ‘Gossip Boi‘. We’ve kept the article on the site as a reference to some of our early home-grown features. This edition looks at ‘being anonymous’.

Flashback: Howard’s Way

  We take a look back at the first season [1985] of Howard’s Way, dubbed the BBC’s answer to the 1980 super-soaps of Dallas and Dynasty.     You can tell it’s the 1980s. Two things give away the decade. The big hair, most of the female characters sport big hair, and the fashion. It’s awful. No doubt the costumes were considered highly fashionable and classy at the time but

Gossip Boi: Lost in Gossip

Another classic edition of Gossip Boi from ATV Today. First published on September 17th 2008 we’ve left some of the series online as a reference to our early home-grown features, and for your reading pleasures. This edition is number fifteen, entitled ‘Lost In Gossip‘.

Special Report: Drama Connections

  We take a look at the several drama serials that connect some of the actors in ITV’s brilliant new drama series, Lost in Austen.   Some faces crop up on television in a number of different shows and some end up working alongside each other again and again. ITV’s new drama series, Lost in Austen, starred a few familiar faces you might have seen somewhere before. Here we list

Michael Keohan: ‘Stag Nights’

DJ Michael Keohan originally wrote three series of articles featuring his views and encounters for ATV Today between September 2007 and August 2009. We’ve left some of his most popular published items on the site for your pleasure. The feature was called Mikey K and this edition is from the 28th of August 2008 and was simply entitled “Stag Don’t”.