ATV Bog: Piers Morgan

As Piers Morgan prepares to launch his ITV chat-show, the broadcaster’s latest attempt at finding a successful chat-show, the former Mirror editor attacks Jonathan Ross – but is Morgan tempting fate?     First of ITV don’t have a good track record with launching new chat-shows. Sharon Osbourne and Anthony Cotton both failed miserably in the 5pm slot and Bradley Walsh didn’t even make it past the pilot stage, so

Eye Spy 26: The Stripper and the Shoe

  After our flirtation with politics last week we return to more familiar ground for our video and story this week but the stupidity of George Bush may feature once more in the future. After all in eight years he gave us so much material it would be a shame not to feature some more highlights of his silly remark. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of

Flashback Galactica: 1980

  As the reimaged series of Battlestar Galactica reaches its big finale we take a look back at the 1980 sequel to the original series of Battlestar Galactica. Designed to tell the story of the “rag tag fleet” once it reaches Earth the series just didn’t command the same audiences its parent show once had and the axe quickly fell on Galactica: 1980.   The great ship Galactica, our home

Eye Spy 25: Bushism

  It’s not often that we stray into politics on the site but this week’s Eye Spy is something of a tribute to the stupidity of former American President George Bush – and there’s eight years worth of stupidity to choose from! Like we said we don’t stray into politics often but we will say this; thank fuck Bush has gone. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home

Demons Ratings Review

  ITV’s supernatural series Demons has limped to an end after six episodes and now the wait begins to find out whether it’ll join other ITV flops on the axe-pile or whether ITV will give it a second chance. In the meantime we take a look back at the ratings for the series and track its strong debut to weak exit. ITV had high hopes for Demons but then it

Special Report: Cut backs at ITV

  Drama’s at ITV are falling victim to cut-backs at the broadcaster as The Bill loses half of its episodes per year and is shunted back to a 9pm slot and Heartbeat and The Royal are both effectively cancelled. So which ITV drama series could be next for the chop.   Putting aside the spin and hype that any channel puts out about its shows the facts speak for themselves

Snowed In? A Few Ways to Spend Your Day Off

  Another day, another snow-day; parts of the UK are once again under several inches of snow which has caused schools, colleges and business to close and travel problems for commuters. Where this report is there’s more than six inches of snow on the ground but it’s now all bad because if you’re lucky enough to have the day off, thanks to the snow, then here’s a few ways to

Eye Spy 24: The Return

  It’s time to welcome back an old friend, yes Eye Spy is back for its first issue of 2009 and it’s moved days once again. From Tuesdays to Mondays and now to Sundays, the new home of Eye Spy is the last day of the weekend. Thank you to all those who emailed in suggestions over the Christmas and New Year period, keep ‘em coming!     Top You

Rumpole of the Bailey

  Following the death of television writer and lawyer John Mortimer Flashback takes a look at his most famous television series, Rumpole of the Bailey.   In the late 1960s John Mortimer wrote a play for BBC’s “Wednesday Play” strand called “Infidelity Took Place”, a satirical comment on the new divorces laws that had been introduced to the country at the time. The play was about a happily married couple