Eye Spy 28: Pot and Kettle

  This week’s selection is from the land of soaps with John-Paul and Craig’s relationship in Hollyoaks providing us with our video for this week and Roxanne Pallet once more providing us with plenty of ammo for our story. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of Eye Spy and thank you to all those who have emailed in their suggestions, keep them coming at: editor@atvnewsnetwork.co.uk   Top

Special Reports: ITV Must Change

Is the clocking ticking for Michael Grade following today’s announcement of job cuts, studio closures and programme cuts?   When he joined ITV just a few years ago there were such high hopes for Michael Grade and a feeling that ITV was about to turn a corner – that perhaps its dark times were near an end. No such luck though as ITV’s problems actually got worse and now the

Eye Spy 27: A little bit of ‘Nuke’

  This week see’s Eye Spy venture into the world of American soaps which are quite unlike our own. While our soaps tend to have some connection to reality, bar the odd crazy storyline, their American counter-parts aren’t afraid to venture into crazyland. Perhaps one of the more famous ‘crazy’ moments, for British viewers, was the finale to The Colby’s [a spin-off from Dynasty] in which a lead character was

ATV Bog: Piers Morgan

As Piers Morgan prepares to launch his ITV chat-show, the broadcaster’s latest attempt at finding a successful chat-show, the former Mirror editor attacks Jonathan Ross – but is Morgan tempting fate?     First of ITV don’t have a good track record with launching new chat-shows. Sharon Osbourne and Anthony Cotton both failed miserably in the 5pm slot and Bradley Walsh didn’t even make it past the pilot stage, so

Eye Spy 26: The Stripper and the Shoe

  After our flirtation with politics last week we return to more familiar ground for our video and story this week but the stupidity of George Bush may feature once more in the future. After all in eight years he gave us so much material it would be a shame not to feature some more highlights of his silly remark. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of