Special Report: The Truth about Dollhouse’s ‘dropped’ episode

  Various websites are reporting that Fox has axed an episode of the new Joss Whedon series Dollhouse and will end the series after 12 episodes even though 13 episodes have been produced. However, the truth isn’t as clear cut as that so to find out what really has happened regarding the ‘dropped’ 13th episode read on!   No doubt by know you would have read on various websites about

Eye Spy 30: Mia Spoof

  Undoubtedly one of the few highlights of this year’s Come Relief telethon was French and Saunders take on the smash hit movie, Mamma Mia. The spoof wonderfully sent up the movie, the songs and its stars and is a fitting end to the collaboration between the two comedians as French and Saunders call time on their sketch show. So it’s rather fitting that we should chose it to end

Eye Spy 28: Pot and Kettle

  This week’s selection is from the land of soaps with John-Paul and Craig’s relationship in Hollyoaks providing us with our video for this week and Roxanne Pallet once more providing us with plenty of ammo for our story. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of Eye Spy and thank you to all those who have emailed in their suggestions, keep them coming at: editor@atvnewsnetwork.co.uk   Top