Special Reports

Is The End Nigh for The Bill?

ITV has announced that The Bill is to be cut down to one episode a week which will air in a new post watershed slot, bringing about concerns over the programme’s future. The move means the drama will air just 52 episodes a year and may lose viewers when it shifts to the other side of the watershed. Ratings for the Police drama have been in decline for a while with

When Shows Get Moved

  Yesterday it was announced that ITV’s long-running Police drama series, The Bill, was to be moved to a post-watershed slot. The move to post watershed isn’t always a good sign as we explore here as we take a look at some other shows that were moved to after 9pm and then axed.   Yesterday ITV announced that later this year The Bill would move from its current 8pm slot

Christian wants it all his own way

A bus-driver refused to drive a bus with the atheist poster “There’s probably no God” as he was a Christian. ATV Bog says this just proves some Christians want it all their own way. You get onto a bus and you see a poster advertising college course, another warning against anti-social behaviour and another the Christian Alpha Course – you are an atheist so do you get off the bus

ATV Reports: The television axe swings in 2009

After our features looking at television in 2008 we take a look forward to 2009, in this issue of ATV Reports with editor Shaun Linden, and show’s that are in danger of being axed, due to low ratings, and we’ll also take a look at shows that have already been confirmed as ending this year.

The Late News

  Some might say that we at ATV News have a crystal ball to see into the future with as we correctly predicted last year several drama’s on ITV that would flop big time. It could be argued however, that it wasn’t really hard to pick the drama’s that would fail as it was seemingly obvious to everyone but ITV themselves. So it may come as no surprise to you

New Year, New Start

It’s a brand new year and a brand new columnist joins our site, in the first of her six forthcoming columns Ashleigh talks about New Year, Hope and American politics. My New Year was eventful in the fact that at least something happened.

Out with the Producer

  Just a little over a year since becoming Series Producer on Emmerdale Anita Turner, along with the soap’s long running Executive Producer Keith Richardson, is stepping down and handing over to someone else. So those constantly stories about low morale on the Emmerdale set now look to be true.   Just a little over a year since becoming Series Producer on Emmerdale Anita Turner, along with the soap’s long

2008 In Television: Gems

  We continue our review of television in 2008 with a look at some of the highlights/gems of 2008. Not everything the television channels threw at us failed and 2008 produced some fine drama, some of which went practically un-noticed by the wider press.       While it may have seen to be a year of flops for some channels, especially ITV, despite the axe falling on numerous shows

Skin Colour Change for BBC Toy Character

A doll based on one of the characters in the CBeebies children’s programme In The Night Garden is to be replaced after complaints the toy version of character Upsy Daisy was too light skinned. Following a ‘handful’ of complaints the commercial arm of the BBC – BBC Worldwide – has asked the manufacturer of the doll to create a new version with brown skin; which will be issued to stores