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Channel 5 weigh up the pros and cons of smart meters

Channel 5

Channel 5 weigh up the pros and cons of smart meters

Best on the Box choice for January 31st…

The show, led by renowned presenter Alexis Conran uncovers the truth behind the promised benefits of smart meters, investigating their mental health impact, and stories of privacy invasion and wildly inaccurate bills.

With 33 million smart meters installed in homes nationwide, consumers grapple with trust issues, questioning whether these devices truly help them save money on their energy bills.

Content Kings’ production team meets with a smart meter enthusiast who unveils instant savings, slashing costs from around £600 per month to £150. Tune in to witness these savings and explore the smart grid’s potential rewards for using energy during off-peak times.

Alexis Conran engages in conversations with leading consumer experts such as Georgie Barrett and Harry Wallop. While smart meters might be saving money, the documentary probes into whether they are compromising our sanity by constantly checking our energy usage. Award-winning business psychologist, Lee Chambers, shares insights into the potential mental impact, and data experts shed light on the fate of our personal information.

The consumer documentary follows the success of Content Kings’ recent shows, Microwaves Vs Airfryers: Which Is Better? with 2 million viewers, and Loyalty Cards: Are They Worth It? which attracted 800,000 viewers.

Ben Algar, who directed the show:

“At Content Kings, our core mission is to entertain, engage, and create thought-provoking content for our audiences. With our consumer documentaries, we aim to demystify questions to help consumers make the best decisions for them.”

The programme will offer practical tips on saving money and an in-depth exploration of whether a smart meter is the right choice for people.

Smart Meters: Should You Get One airs tonight at 8 pm on Channel 5

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