Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole has hit back at her former X Factor act Cher Lloyd after she made jibes at Cole during a radio interview.

Cher Lloyd made a few digs about the X Factor judges yesterday; she suggested Louis Walsh take a ‘holiday’ during the next series (thus continuing the feud between the two, read more here >>) and the singer didn’t stop with Walsh it would seem. During the interview with Real Radio North West the former X Factor hopeful also took a pot shot at her mentor, Cheryl Cole.

When asked if Lloyd would ever consider performing alongside Cole the reply perhaps wasn’t quite as the interviewer was hoping. Lloyd took the opportunity to take a little pop at Cole for her alleged miming in the past replying ‘Maybe if she sings live with me.‘ But it didn’t stop there because when Lloyd was asked if the singing live would be difficult for Cole she replied ‘Well it is nowadays, when you haven’t got the nifty little button to press!’

Cole didn’t that the little digs lying down though and replied via Twitter – the medium of choice for many a celebrity these days – tweeting to her followers ‘Be Careful who you kick on your way up .. They kick you twice as hard on your way back down.. #unappreciationisugly’

We can’t help but wonder who Cher Lloyd will pick a fight with next…and whether the ‘spat’ between her and Cheryl Cole will continue or be laughed off….

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