Chris Colfer has teased Glee fans as to what they can expect from Kurt in the fourth season.

In an interview with TV Line the actor gave a few hints as to the direction Kurt will take in the fourth season of the Fox series. The actor promised his character will be “back full-force” after his rejection from the NYADA performing school. “We’ll see if he still wants to be a performer…I don’t know if he’s hardened after that experience.”

However, when it came to the future of Kurt and his boyfriend Blaine (Darren Criss) the actor was a little more vague about what the fourth season held in store. “I almost can’t say anything without giving something away…………….They’re still together as far as I know. So we’ll see where that takes them.”

Glee creator Ryan Murphy claimed last year that cast members such as Colfer, Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith would leave the Fox series following its third season. It was originally thought their planned departure from Glee would result in a spin-off series. However, it was later claimed the actors wouldn’t leave Glee after all and plans for the proposed spin-off were scrapped.

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