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Christian wants it all his own way

Christian wants it all his own way

A bus-driver refused to drive a bus with the atheist poster “There’s probably no God” as he was a Christian. ATV Bog says this just proves some Christians want it all their own way.

You get onto a bus and you see a poster advertising college course, another warning against anti-social behaviour and another the Christian Alpha Course – you are an atheist so do you get off the bus because of the Christian poster? Unlikely. Say you work in a supermarket but are a vegetarian; do you refuse to put meat and fish through your checkout because you are a vegetarian? Unlikely. You get on with your job knowing that everyone has different opinions and are entitled to them. That is, of course, unless you are a Christian bus driver and then it seems you have the perfect right to refuse to drive a bus just because, for a change, it has an atheist poster on it.

The poster reads “there’s probably no god”, hardly offensive considering it says probably, and perfectly legal. After all there are numerous religious posters on buses so why not an atheist one for a change? Well for one bus driver it was just too much and he refused to drive the bus because of it. Now has he refused to drive the bus where there have been religious posters on his bus for other religions, probably not? This just shows that SOME Christians want it all their own way. They want the freedom to express their own religious beliefs and attack others but do not wish others to attack their religious beliefs, express different ones or express atheist beliefs. There is a word for it, hypocrite.

ATV Bog would suggest that the bus driver in question be dam glad he actually has a job and actually get on with it rather than fretting over an atheist poster that merely proclaims there PROBABLY isn’t a god.

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