ITV commission a new drama, Murderland that will tell a story from three points-of-view. The new drama will star Robbie Coltrane. Contains ITV Press Release.

One murder told from three perspectives

ITVWritten by acclaimed writer David Pirie (Murder Rooms, Woman in White), and produced by Touchpaper Scotland, part of the RDF Media Group, Murderland is an emotional and passionate thriller that tells a traumatic murder story through the eyes of three central characters: Carrie, the daughter of the murdered woman, Hain (Robbie Coltrane), the detective in charge of the investigation and Sally, the murder victim.

Clever and compelling, Murderland poses the question – can you move on from terrible unexplained events that befall you as a child, and grow up to make a new life? Or will you be forever trapped, haunted, unable to live fully until you know the truth? Murderland is a knife-edge thriller of revenge, redemption and rough justice, where three different perspectives eventually piece together the truth. As the investigation unfolds, Carrie’s yearning to discover who murdered her mother becomes obsessive bringing her closer to Gordon Hain. In the end Carrie holds the key to the killer, but is the past sometimes better laid to rest when those you trust have the most to hide, and chillingly are now the people from whom you may have most to fear….

“Following the success of ITV1’s Monday night thriller season, we’re delighted to commission Murderland. It’s also a great coup to have Robbie Coltrane return to ITV1 Drama in the role of Gordon Hain,” – Laura Mackie, Director of ITV Commissioning.

Murderland comprises three x 60 minute episodes and has been commissioned by Director of ITV Commissioning, Laura Mackie. Murderland is produced by Kate Croft and Dave Edwards for Touchpaper, Scotland, and will be filmed on location during June 2009.

“Robbie Coltrane and David Pirie are class acts and we’re thrilled to be uniting them on this project. Murderland is an emotional thriller, as much a why-dunit as a whodunit. As much a love story as a murder story,” Kate Croft, producer.

RDF Rights, part of the RDF Media Group, hold all international rights to the new series.

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