Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton will remain with ITV soap Coronation Street until next year after extending his contract.

Ant CottonAntony Cotton will continue to play himself, aka Sean Tully, in Coronation Street until next year after extending his contract with the ITV soap. Despite dividing opinion amongst fans and being criticised for his acting skills, let’s not even mention his dire chat-show, Cotton will continue to appear in the soap until at least July 2010.

This means more storylines for Cotton including a forthcoming romance. Sean Tully doesn’t excatly his a good track record with romance, having driven off ex-boyfriend Marcus with his selfish attitudes and before that were was Sonny and the dire love triangle with Michelle Connor. Away from romance he had a baby with best-friend Violet but Violet soon fled due to Sean’s constant inference.

However, it’s not all bad news because it does mean our regular feature, That Antony Cotton Watch, will be able to continue – as part of the Soap File – for another year or so. To read the latest Soap File, and That Antony Cotton Watch update, click here >>

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