Is Fox drama Bones about to end? Lead actor David Boreanaz has hinted as much.

The actor, who plays Special Agent Seeley Booth, has taken to Twitter to imply the series will end with its 8th season. Such hints included he’ll be a “free agent” after next Spring and “the Bones fair-well tour is in full-swing.”

The hints didn’t stop there though as Boreanaz also said that next month’s Comic Con in San Diego “should be a blast and quite possibly the last for Bones Farewell tour? Look forward to seeing everyone there”.

Needless to say you couldn’t make the hints any more obvious really – there is no other way of reading those tweets. Or is there? Because insiders have told Entertainment Weekly that Bones isn’t dead yet.

However, the drama’s seventh season did see a drop in ratings from the sixth season – falling by an average of 2 million viewers. Spin-off series The Finder failed to take off with viewers and was dispatched after just one season. So perhaps Fox wants to end Bones while it’s still on a “high” of sorts instead of it lingering and slowing declining?

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