The identity of which DC Comics superhero is to turn gay has been revealed.

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Last month it was announced that an “iconic” DC Comic superhero would be ‘turn gay’/be revealed as gay as part of the reboot of the DC universe. Since the announcement there has been a fair bit of speculation as to the identity of the character and some criticism of the move – mostly by conservative groups such as One Million Moms who labour under the misapprehension that gay characters turn children gay.

Well ahead of the comic, Earth 2, going on sale on Wednesday the identity of the superhero has now been revealed. It seems as though fan speculation was mostly right because the character will indeed be Alan Scott aka the original Green Lantern. While some fans believed that Batman would be revealed as gay very early on there was a school of thought that the character would be the Green Lantern.

James Robinson, who is the writer of the issue, has spoken at length about his decision to re-introduce gay characters to the DC Comic universe after the reboot and the decision to make Green Lantern a gay superhero. Blastr quotes Robinson saying “Why can’t a character be gay? You know. Bear in mind, my life, I’ve grown up, I’ve always had gay friends. I’ve always, you know, it’s such a small aspect of who a person is, I literally don’t care. So that’s how I go about it. When I make a character gay, it’s like I’ve decided to make a character left-handed or something. It’s such a non-issue to me that I’m surprised at times.”

While DC Comics is turning an iconic character gay rivals Marvel are planning a gay marriage for one of its couples. Marvel and DC Comics have both attracted wide spread media attention – not all of it favourable – for its forthcoming gay storylines.

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