DC Comics To Feature Gay Wedding?

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Marvel may not be the only comic series to feature a gay wedding as DC Comics may very well feature a same-sex wedding of its own.

Marvel comics will feature a gay wedding later this month as superhero Northstar his boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #51. The gay wedding has generated much press coverage far beyond the comic book storylines usually generate. The same-sex wedding has been welcomed by some and condemned by others – such as pressure group One Million Moms.

Marvel’s rivals DC Comics have been busy with gay storylines too as part of its reboot of the DC universe the character of Alan Scott, aka the original Green Lantern, has been revealed as gay. Again turning Green Lantern has been welcomed by some and condemned by others and also interested a far amount of press coverage.

However, it now appears that DC Comics will feature a gay wedding of its own. In the pages of Earth 2, in which Green Lantern has just been revealed as gay, readers have discovered that the superhero also has a boyfriend. And the issue features Alan Scott proposing to his boyfriend Sam! Which could very well mean DC Comics is planning its own gay wedding at some point in the (possible near) future.

Of course the path to true love never runs smoothly and who knows what adversities Alan Scott and his boyfriend Sam will have to overcome first and they may not even tie the knot at all. DC Comics could just be leading fans up the garden path. If they were to feature a same-sex marriage though it would be significant that two big comic franchises feature gay weddings in quick succession. It would certainly also annoy groups such as One Million Moms even more!

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