Doctor Who Episode Titles Confirmed

The episode titles for the first five episodes of Doctor Who’s seventh season have been confirmed.

As already announced the first episode will be titled Asylum of the Daleks and will run to 50 minutes. The episode had a screening at the BFI earlier this week and although no air-date has yet been officially announced Steven Moffat teased it will air “soon”. The episode will also reportedly introduce an updated version of the opening sequence and series logo. The second episode will be titled Dinosaurs on a Spaceship as already announced and the third episode’s title, A Town Called Mercy, also remains the same.

The fourth episode will be titled The Power of Three and the fifth episode, the mid-season finale of sorts, will be titled The Angels take Manhattan. The fifth episode will mark the final regular appearances of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the Ponds make their exits from Doctor Who. The episode, as widely reported, will feature the return of the Weeping Angels and most likely Alex Kingston as River Song.

The first five episodes will air later this year on BBC One followed by the Christmas Special which will introduce actress Jenna-Louise Coleman as the show’s new companion. The remainder of the seventh season will then air on BBC One in 2013; the sci-fi’s 50th anniversary year.

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