Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan Final Ratings

Consolidated ratings for The Angels Take Manhattan reveal just under eight million viewers tuned in for the departures of companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) from Doctor Who.

The overnight figure for the episode put audience levels at 5.9 million viewers but as ever the final consolidated rating was much higher. That’s because final ratings take into account the actual start time of a programme and those who record and watch later. The final rating for The Angels Take Manhattan puts the episode at 7.8 million viewers – a rise of nearly 2 million viewers which is very impressive.

Final ratings do not, though, take into account viewers who watched the BBC Three repeat or those who downloaded the episode via the BBC iPlayer. The total audience for the episode, taking into account those methods, will be even higher. It won’t be possible to get an accurate picture of downloads via the BBC iPlayer, for the episode, for several weeks.

The Angels Take Manhattan marked the mid-season finale of the seventh season of Doctor Who with the BBC sci-fi series returning at Christmas for its annual festive special followed by eight episodes next year.

The Christmas special will re-introduce actress Jenna Louise Coleman as the show’s new companion after her surprise debut in the season opener Asylum of the Daleks. The question most fans are asking now is just how will writer Steven Moffat write the actress back into the show after the character’s apparent death?

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