Strictly Come Dancing had a double victory over its ITV rival The X Factor over the weekend as both instalments of the popular entertainment series rated higher than the singing competition.

Is X Factor’s star waning? The latest series of theĀ hit ITV show has suffered at the hands of BBC One rival Strictly Come Dancing in terms of ratings. While there’s no denying that the X Factor still commands huge audiences for its host channel those ratings are down on previous years and its “bitter” rival Strictly Come Dancing is out performing it.

Over the weekend Strictly Come Dancing topped X Factor’s ratings for Saturday’s main show and Sunday’s results show. Saturday evening’s instalment on BBC One was seen by 9.6 million viewers while the X Factor drew 8.4 million viewers for ITV1. On Sunday evening 9.3 million viewers tuned in to see former EastEnders actor Sid Owen leave Strictly while 8.8 million tuned in to see Jade Ellis voted off the X Factor.

Also on Sunday evening the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey was seen by 9.2 million viewers on ITV1 proving theĀ Julian Fellowes period drama still commands huge audiences despite being in its third season.

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