DVD: Judas Kiss

Judas Kiss{jcomments off}Judas Kiss; quirky gay drama starring Brent Corrigan, Richard Harmon, Charlie David and Sean Paul Lockhart.

Judas Kiss is the feature length debut of director J.T Tepnapa who has won many international film awards for his short films. Zach (Dantes Cove’s Charlie David) has a one-night stand with Danny (Richard Harmon). Zach is failed film-maker turned film festival judge who, it turns out, is one of the judges for a scholarship that Danny is competing for. As Zach looks closer at Danny he seems similarities between their lives but Zach is determined that Danny should take the right path and not repeat his mistakes.

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Judas Kiss

Judas Kiss – Out NOW on DVD. Starring: Brent Corrigan, Richard Harmon, Charlie David, Sean Paul Lockhart, Simon Baker and Emma Thompson.

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