Luke PasqualinoDigital channel E4 has ordered a fifth and sixth season of its critically acclaimed teen-drama Skins. The fifth season will see the drama introduce a whole new cast once as once again the current cast, which includes Kaya Scodelario and Jack O’Connell, are written out at the end of the show’s current fourth season.





Digital channel E4 has ordered two new seasons of critically acclaimed drama Skins. The order for fifth and sixth seasons of the drama will mean that producers will be able to plan the story arcs of the characters in better detail and they’ll know that they have two seasons in which to develop the characters. It also means that the producers of the series will be on the hunt for a brand new set of characters as the current cast, which include Kaya Scodelario, Jack O’Connell and Luke Pasqualino, will be written out at the end of Skin’s current fourth season.



It’s not the first time that the producers have axed a set of characters and replaced them with brand new ones. At the end of the show’s second season most of the cast, which included Nicolas Holt, Dev Patel, Mitch Hewer and Joe Dempsie, where written out by producers and open auditions where held to find new characters. The producers will use the open auditions once more to find there new set of characters with auditions in London and Bristol where the series is based and filmed.

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