Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Tim Montgomerie are Out4Marriage

Labour shadow cabinet members Ed Balls and Andy Burnham and ConservativeHome editor Tim Montgomerie have recorded video messages for the marriage equality campaign Out4Marriage.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham have joined fellow Labour MP Jack Straw in recording video messages for Out4Marriage while Tim Montgomerie, editor of the influential ConservativeHome, has also lent his support for the marriage equality campaign.

A number of politicians have recorded messages for the marriage equality campaign now; last week Theresa May became the most senior politician in the coalition government to record a video message supporting gay marriage. Other politicians to have recorded video messages include Green MP Caroline Lucas and MEP, and former actor, Michael Cashman. While Richard Branson, David Walliams, Stephen Fry and girl group The Saturdays have also recorded messages.

The Out4Marriage campaign was launched to campaign for marriage equality not just here in the UK but around the world. It comes at a time when a growing number of countries are shifting their attitudes towards gay marriage. France has hinted it will legalise same-sex marriage and give gay couples adoption rights by 2013 while Denmark and Luxemburg have also stated their intentions to legalise gay marriage.

The campaign was launched on the same day that American President Barack Obama made history by publicly stating his support for gay marriage – becoming the first serving American president to do so. Obama’s support was greeted by Hollywood actors such as Jane Lynch, Mia Farrow, Betty White and Cyndi Lauper while rapper Jay-Z and actor Will Smith have now voiced their support for same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile a coalition of religious groups have written a letter to David Cameron urging him to maintain his support for gay marriage.

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