Equity launches new initiative to support actors coming out

Actors union Equity is to launch a new initiative to help LGBT actors who have chosen to come out.

The move by the union to offer more support to actors who decide to come out is in response to a survey which revealed 57% of gay actors felt they could be open about their sexuality with their agents. In recent years more actors have become open about their sexuality to the public with notable examples – in America – being Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto and White Collar actor Matt Bomer.

However, some actors are hesitant to come out because of fears about the impact such a move would have on their careers – some actors, such as Rupert Everett, have even warned other gay actors to remain in the closet to prevent damage to their careers.

Equity therefore are launching a new initiative to support those who take the important step to come out. The union’s equalities officer Max Beckmann told The Guardian the new campaign was about ‘giving members the confidence to come out, and if they do, that we’ll be there to offer them support.’

[Via Pink News]
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