NBC Rumours have been sparked of a possible move for ER to a rival Network in America following its final episode later this year.

NBCMedical drama ER has been on NBC since its launch 15 seasons ago and the Network confirmed that the 15th season would the drama’s last. Knowing this producers have tempted back several ex-stars of the series, such as Alex Kingston, in order to reward fans of the medical drama. However, John Wells, executive producer of the medical drama, recently revealed to TV Guide that a rival Network was interested in picking up the drama after its final episode aired later this year.


NBCWhile ratings for the drama had been steadily declining over the past few years since the axe was announced that have stablised which may be why ABC, rumoured to be the interested rival Network, could be interested in the series. While Wells admitted that a move would be unlikely he did say “Never say never.” If ER did move from NBC to ABC it wouldn’t be the first series to do so. Comedy series Scrubs, which is set in a hospital, recently moved to ABC after it was dropped by NBC.


Meanwhile there are conflicting reports over whether actor George Clooney will return to ER for its final episode. While some reports state the Hollywood actor will cameo in the final episode other reports deny this and claim its high unlikely the actor could be tempted to return.

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