Eye Spy 27: A little bit of ‘Nuke’


This week see’s Eye Spy venture into the world of American soaps which are quite unlike our own. While our soaps tend to have some connection to reality, bar the odd crazy storyline, their American atvcounter-parts aren’t afraid to venture into crazyland. Perhaps one of the more famous ‘crazy’ moments, for British viewers, was the finale to The Colby’s [a spin-off from Dynasty] in which a lead character was seemingly abducted by aliens! Luckily we’re not covering such barmyness in this issue, though it may be worth coming back to later, instead we’re covering a love-story. Don’t forget that Sunday’s is now the new home of Eye Spy and thank you to all those who have emailed in their suggestions, keep them coming at: editor@atvnewsnetwork.co.uk


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As the introduction said this week’s video is from an American soap opera but it’s a love-story rather than a bizarre storyline. A storyline dividing opinion in America at the present, in soap opera As The World Turns, is the love story between Luke and Noah. So much has happened during the length of the storyline that we can’t really summarise easily because of the various twists and turns.


However, their first kiss prompted some complaints in America but surprisingly their lack of on-screen kisses prompted more complaints. Fans of the storyline were outraged that producers were bowing to pressure from certain quarters and started their own campaign of complaints! Our video clip is of their very first kiss.


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Top Silly Story:


According to The Mail On Sunday former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips is being axed from her radio show. Phillips currently has a Sunday afternoon show on Smooth Radio but when he contract expires there are no plans for her to continue with the commercial station. Phillips is being dropped by the station, according to The Mail, because she hasn’t attracted new audiences to the station. Maybe if Phillips asked chavs to phone in and answer stupidly easy questions a few more people might have tuned in. After all conning viewers out of thousands of pounds doesn’t seem to have done GMTV much harm.


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