Eye Spy: Tribute to Caroline John

Eye Spy pays tribute to the British actress Caroline John whose death was announced last week.

The actress passed away earlier this month but the news was revealed last week. While Caroline John had roles in a wide range of dramas such as Poirot, Wish Me Luck, Midsomer Murders and Doctors the actress will be best remember as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Caroline John played Liz Shaw for one season in 1970 opposite Jon Pertwee; it was his first year in the role of the Doctor and the first set of stories to be produced in colour. Although John left the series after just one season she returned for a cameo in the 20th anniversary story The Five Doctors in 1983 and the Children in Need special Dimensions in Time in 1993.

Caroline John also reprised the role of Liz in the straight-to-video P.R.O.B.E series in the 1990s which ran to four stories and co-starred Louise Jameson though not in her original Doctor Who role. The four P.R.O.B.E stories were written by Mark Gatiss. More recently John played Liz Shaw once more in several Big Finish audio adventures.

Caroline John: October 1940 – June 2012.

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