Fox: Renewed, Axed And Picked Up

ATV Today runs down which Fox shows were renewed, which were cancelled and which pilots the broadcaster picked up for the new season.

RENEWED: Long-running animated comedy The Simpson‘s was renewed for a further two seasons though for a while it looked as if the residents of Springfield could have been axed. A dispute between the cast and Fox looked, for a brief time, likely to bring about a premature end for the comedy but in the end a deal was bashed out and The Simpson’s lives on. Fox’s other animated comedies American Dad, Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy have also been renewed though the fate of The Cleveland Show remains unclear for now.

The X Factor might not have been quite the hit that Fox were hoping for – or Simon Cowell for that matter – but it was renewed. However, the second season will feel very different from the first with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are out as judges with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato replacing them while Steve Jones has also been dropped as presenter. The similarly themed American Idol will also be back for another season.

Glee‘s third season might have seen ratings drop but the musical comedy lives on to sing another day and the fourth season will see a guest stint by Sarah Jessica Parker. J.J Abrams beloved cult series Fringe was renewed for a final season allowing producers time to wrap up storylines.

Fox also renewed: Bones, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, New Girl, Raising Hope and Touch.

AXED:  J.J Abrams shows generate a lot of buzz – not just within the media but also with fans of the producer – and also come with high expectations. Alcatraz was, in many ways, a show loaded with expectations that failed to deliver. Ratings dropped week-on-week and the series just didn’t capture the audiences imagination or even the critics. While Fringe quickly became a cult favourite with a devoted, loyal fan-base and was able to generate buzz, Alcatraz just fizzled out. While it’s ratings could have justified a second season there was little chance Fox would have two struggling J.J Abrams shows on its network and predicted, wisely, that Fringe was a wiser choice to go with.

Arguably the most ambitious drama of recent years with a price tag to make eyes water – reportedly Terra Nova cost $4 million per episode! The drama revolved around colonists from the near future who escape a polluted a dying Earth by travelling back millions of years in time to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth. While its ratings were not massive they were still good enough to justify a renewal – especially as it attracted a large family audience – but in the end Terra Nova was killed by its expensive premise. There was talk of moving it elsewhere but given its so expensive to film its unlikely to be picked up by anyone else.

Fox also axed: Breaking In (again!!!!), The Finder (the Bones spin-off), I Hate My Teenage Daughter (The Parents Television Council will be pleased), Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite.

Picked Up: To be honest there isn’t really one of Fox’s series pick ups that has us excited. The Mod Doctor is probably the most interesting of the bunch. Fox has picked up Ben & Kate, The Following, Goodwin Games and The Mindy Project also.

[Written by Leanne Bryan and James Ryder]

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