Game Of Thrones To Return In April

Game-of-ThronesThird season of epic fantasy drama Game of Thrones will begin in April on Sky Atlantic.

The highly anticipated third season will kick off on April 1st on Sky Atlantic in the UK just one day after its American premier on HBO.

The broadcast of episodes in the UK just a day after their American transmission will doubtless help cut down piracy. Game of Thrones was revealed as the most pirated show of 2012.

The third season of the drama will once again see its cast expand with Dame Diana Rigg, Tara Fitzgerlad, Burn Gorman and Ciaran Hinds joining the cast. The second season is due to be released on DVD from March 3rd in the UK giving fans just under a month to re-watch the series and refresh their memories before the launch of the third.

The third series has been described as the “most epic yet” and will be longer than previous ones with each episode reportedly pushing the 60 minute mark.

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