Gary Sinise has insisted CBS were right to renew CSI: NY for a 9th season.

The CSI spin-off was officially picked up for another season by CBS earlier this month at the expense fellow series CSI: Miami. Parent series CSI was renewed by CBS along with 17 other shows leaving the fate of its two spin-offs undecided for some time.

Media experts predicted that the broadcaster would not renew both shows and only one would return in the Autumn – the experts were proved right when CBS cancelled Miami and renewed NY. Gary Sinise, lead star of CSI: NY, has insisted CBS were right to renew it and not Miami.

“I think our writers have a lot more stories in them……they have done a very good job of continuing to come up with interesting stories for us to play.” – Gary Sinise speaking to TV Guide

CBS’ entertainment president Nina Tassler has also defended the decision to axe CSI: Miami stating ‘It was about keeping the flow, and Miami was the odd man out’. CBS has confirmed there are no plans to produce a finale for CSI: Miami to wrap up any loose ends.

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