George Takei Lands Neighbors Role

Star-Trek_TOS-MediumVeteran Star Trek actor George Takei is to appear in the season one finale of ABC comedy The Neighbors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the actor will play the father of Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) in the comedy series. The Neighbors centres on a New Jersey family who move to a gated family which is populated by aliens. Production on the ABC comedy’s first season is due to wrap in March. The Neighbors hasn’t been warmly received by critics but despite that ABC did order a full first series but as yet there is no news whether the broadcaster will order a second season.

George Takei played Sulu in the original Star Trek series and several of the subsequent feature length movies. He reprised the role in an episode of spin-off series Star Trek: Voyager to mark the sci-fi show’s anniversary in 1996. The actor has a long running feud with Star Trek actor William Shatner which flares up every so often.

The openly gay actor, who is an advocate for marriage equality, has appeared in shows such as Heroes, Scrubs, Archer, Hawaii Five-0 and the gay themed The New Normal, created by Ryan Murphy, in recent years.

[Written by James Ryder]

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