Harry HillHarry Hill has reportedly changed his mind about quitting his hit ITV series TV Burp.

The Sun reports that Hill has changed his mind and agreed to continue making TV Burp after all. ITV had previously announced that his series was coming to an end after Hill decided to quit after finding it a ‘drag’ to constantly watch television programmes to find material for his show.

The Sun claims that Hill’s decision to continue with TV Burp came after Simon Cowell intervened. The tabloid newspaper quotes a ‘friend’ who said ‘TV Burp is a key part of ITV1’s Saturday night schedule — and without it there was a fear that other shows could be hit, like The X Factor. Cowell has a good relationship with Harry since the funnyman is working on The X Factor musical. ITV bosses personally asked him to intervene.’

Harry Hill’s TV Burp first launched on ITV1 in 2001 and quickly became a popular fixture of the broadcaster’s Saturday evening line-up. Hill’s mocking of programmes such as EastEnders, Coronation Street and Downton Abbey has entertained audiences of up to 7 million viewers; the series has won a number of awards. The Sun claims a new series of TV Burp will air this Autumn.

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