Home and AwayA forthcoming plot in Australian soap Home and Away has sparked complaints from Christian groups because it’s about a same-sex couple.

Home and AwayConservative/Christian groups in Australia have criticised a forthcoming plot in soap Home and Away because it features a lesbian couple. Later this month, in Australia, the plot will unfold in Home and Away as Charlie Buckton [Esther Anderson] begins a relationship with Joey Collins [Kate Bell] but the storyline has angered groups who claim it isn’t suitable for the soaps time-slot in Australia.

Home And Away continue to market to kids and they continue to develop quite sexualised plot lines. The plotlines that young kids and teenagers should be presented with should be about really authentic relationships that are not just sexualised.” Pro-Family Perspectives director Angela Conway speaking to Herald Sun.


The topic of homosexuality is still a controversial one in Australia where the gay community is under represented on television in the country. Storylines featuring such issues often provoke outrage from certain quarters of the public. In 2004 Neighbours had a mild lesbian plot that also sparked complaints from some.

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