Home and AwayAussie soap Home and Away is set to provoke the wrath of Christian Conservative groups in Australia once more when it airs a second lesbian kiss in a forthcoming episode.



home and awayAussie soap Home and Away WILL air a second lesbian kiss in a forthcoming episode of the soap. The characters of Charlie Buckton [Esther Anderson] and Joey Collins [Kate Bell] have recently embarked on a romance to the outrage of conservative groups in Australia who feel a lesbian relationship isn’t something the soap should tackle – they are seemingly worried about the effect it could have on any brats that are watching the soap.


The controversy surrounding the storyline has been huge with ratings apparently dropping marginally and Network Seven, the soap’s Australian broadcaster, being inundated with letters of protest. A media storm then surrounded the soap when it was widely reported that pressure from the Conservative Christian groups had forced Network chiefs to edit out a lesbian kiss from an episode. However, the soap’s UK broadcaster Five announced that they would air the kiss and in the end the kiss did feature in the Australian episode – ratings even slightly rose for that episode. However, in a few episodes time another lesbian kiss will feature and bosses say this time it will air. It’s sure to provoke the wrath, once more, of the narrow-minded so-called Christians who have already complained so hard about the story.




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