BBC NewsBBC news presenter Jane Hill has argued that there still needs to be better representation of gay and lesbians on television and radio.

Hill, who regularly appears on the BBC News Channel as well as BBC News at One, publicly came out in 2009. In 2011 she announced plans to enter into a civil partnership with her long-term partner. The presenter is the cover star of the latest issue of lesbian magazine Diva which celebrates its 200th edition this month.

At a party to celebrate the magazine’s landmark edition the BBC news presenter spoke to Pink News. Hill was critical of the demise of BBC Three’s lesbian drama series Lip Service which was officially cancelled last month after two seasons. Hill told Pink News that “A lot of people at this party are upset that we don’t have Lip Service anymore”. The openly gay presenter also argued that TV and Radio needs to be better at representing LGBT people “Across all broadcasters we need better representation of lesbian and gay people.”

Hill also told Pink News of her delight at being the cover star of this month’s Diva magazine. “Oh my god. I can’t believe it, it’s lovely, actually. It’s really, really lovely. When I picked up my copy it was way more exciting than I expected it to be. I mean, I was very flattered to be asked, obviously”

Last year a report by the BBC found that LGBT people felt under represented by all UK broadcasters and not just the corporation. Although the report confirmed that the majority of the public are comfortable with LGBT people/issues being portrayed/represented on-screen the report did urge broadcasters to include more realistic portrayals of LBGT people in dramas and factual television. The report also urged broadcasters to be more inclusive in news and current affairs programmes.

The axing of Lip Service came a little over a month after the report was published but the demise of the BBC Three drama was mostly down to low ratings (for its second series) and drama cutbacks at the digital station.

You can read the full Pink News interview with Jane Hill here >>

The latest issue of Diva magazine is available to buy now.

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