Tim GebblesThis week, Channel 4’s ground-breaking new drama, Cast Offs, hits the screens. The story of six disabled people who are sent to a desert island to fend for themselves for 90 days for a reality TV show, it’s a darkly comic take on disability, television, prejudice, love and life. Find out more about the show with actor Tim Gebbels.

Gebbels plays Tom. Tom is an aspiring actor, and is blind. It might not sound too much of a stretch for Tim, a blind actor, to play Tom, a blind actor. But Gebbels’ dry, understated performance is a highlight in a compelling drama. Here, he explains a little more about the project, reveals why he thinks it’s important as well as entertaining, and discusses what it’s like to be watched in the bath by a whole film crew.


“What attracted me to the script was first of all that it’s a job! Actors like working. It’s excellent writing, it’s clearly a show that’s going to help audiences and put disabled characters on screen. If audiences watch that and wind up with a better understanding, and are also entertained at the same time, then it will have been a good thing to do.”

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