You could say it was the straw that broke the camels back. Phillip Schofield’s decision to ambush the Prime Minister on live television with a paedophile suspect list will go down as one of the worst television moments ever.

While Schofield may have had the best intentions, to scour the internet in a few minutes and write on a piece of paper suspected paedophiles shows us what sort of world we live in.

We see it all the time on Twitter when people jump to conclusions and throw around hideous statements without anything ever being proven.

Phillip is a lucky man today, lucky that his actions further engulfed the BBC on-going Newsnight problems. If it was not for that, the pressure would have been on ITV’s golden boy to resign. Why no pressure on ITV management or on producers at This Morning?

The simple fact is the BBC is a far bigger fish, and better one to fry.

Opinion piece by Shaun Linden

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